Today, the world is reeling under a serious health crisis, one that has spared no country or section of society. As we continue to stay safe and look to rebuild our lives in the new normal, we must not forget the huge economic pressure this crisis has brought onto so many vulnerable souls who struggled to make ends meet.
They are no strangers, rather, they are the invisible heroes who help us lead comfortable lives - our house-helps, cooks, drivers, nannies, security guards, among others. No one really needs a reminder of how much they do for us.
They are the pillars on which our everyday stands. In these trying times, some of us tried to help with advance salaries and essentials, but many of us found it difficult to reach out due to the lockdown.
This exposed a much bigger problem – their lack of long-term financial security and preparedness. While you've always supported them in whatever way you could, in these desperate times, take the first step to make them self-reliant. They need our help now, more than ever before.
With Help Your Help, we attempt to provide you with an avenue to help your help lead a dignified, financially secure life. Join the movement! Find relevant details about welfare schemes, share and inspire others to take action and pledge your support.

Meet our fulfilment partner


Staying true to their name, our fulfilment partner, Haqdarshak is a social enterprise working with communities by providing them with access to welfare schemes that help in their well-being and long-term stability. You can reach out to Haqdarshak for advisory and execution support for you to Help Your Help. While their services are currently available in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Jaipur and Pune, there may be restricted on ground support due to the current lockdown. To access the multi-lingual helpline number and additional details, please visit www.haqdarshak.com

Help Your Help become financially independent