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Staying true to their name, Haqdarshak is a social enterprise working with communities by providing them with access to welfare schemes that help in their well-being and long-term stability. You can reach out to Haqdarshak for advisory and execution support for you to Help Your Help. While their services are currently available in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Jaipur and Pune, there may be challenges on ground support due to restrictions in state/city wide movement. To access more information & additional details, please visit www.haqdarshak.com

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1 day ago
You’ve always been a strong pillar of support for them. But now, it’s time for you to help them become self-reliant. Educate your help about the basics of personal finance. Help them achieve a secure future. Act now! Visit https://t.co/5xzEz1N8L1

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4 days ago
She makes sure your house feels like a home by keeping it neat and tidy. And while you have always helped her, will you also take the first step to help her become financially independent? Choose from 20+ government schemes to #HelpYourHelp. Act now! Visit https://t.co/5xzEz1N8L1 https://t.co/HHiRe8NjmD
6 days ago
Our help deserves our help and @Cyrus__Broacha tells us exactly that. They don’t just deserve a chance to fight this pandemic. They also deserve financial stability like us. Cyrus has pledged to help his help. And you can too. Visit https://t.co/5xzEz1vxmr to #HelpYourHelp. https://t.co/xhVtUypD4w
1 week ago
Affordable healthcare is a basic right that everyone should have access to. Even your help. With the healthcare schemes provided by the government, you can help your help tide over medical emergencies. Act now to #HelpYourHelp. Visit https://t.co/5xzEz1N8L1
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2 weeks ago
Domestic help, caregivers, cleaners, security guards, drivers. While you've always supported them, in these desperate times, take the first step to make them #selfreliant. #HelpYourHelp access 20+ Govt schemes. Act now! https://t.co/e6LpK5hVjW https://t.co/RBC8npvXNq
2 weeks ago
He has been by your side through every traffic jam. And you have given him the courage to get through some tough times. Won't you help him pave a way to a better financial future? Choose from 20+ government schemes to #HelpYourHelp. Act now! Visit https://t.co/5xzEz1vxmr https://t.co/AjB2nXF962

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